Some Creations

I've been creating just a bit lately. Not much, just a little :) The cupcake cards are for a challenge by my friend Michele over at Facebook. The OWLIE card was sent to my friend Mary who slipped, fell on ice and broke her ankle. All images are from StampingBella.
I'll be creating more the next few weeks. I bit the bullet and signed up for a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking: Scrapping on a Shoestring and Telling Stories Deeply. I've wanted to take an online class from them for quite awhile but the timing has never been real good. I have so many supplies to use and want to enhance my journaling, these classes should be good for me to open up my little brain and get some creativity flowing. So I'm excited.


scrappingbob said...

I love your cards. The owl one is sooo cute and I don't even like owls that much. Very great job, and good luck on the on line classes.

***HeatheR*** said...

so so so stinkin' cute! Funny I looked at them on the bella group- but they have been so chatty I kinda skim the messages, I didnt even realize they were YOUR cards LOL!!! I LOVE the owls I so need to stamp off some of those!! :0) And how sweet Mary will LOVE it!!!

Alex said...

That owl card is HYSTERICAL!!!

Love them all.

Jill Knapp said...

I am in Nampa!! Thank you!!!
Top's is the best.
I have been a visitor at other chapters and always have a warm welcome.

Visit this web site for a site near you.

Best of luck to you!! :-)


MeganAnne said...

Glad I could pass a long the double-sided printing graphic. Double-sided printing is totally where it's at! I've had fun checking out your blog too now that you found mine.