So very cute! So very sweet!

Look at this card. Isn't it just the cutest?
I have a dear friend Heather. She is SO CREATIVE and is a great scrapbooker but claims she can't make cards. Does this card look like she doesn't make cards? It's fantastically cute! And I love Bella images!

She wrote me a super sweet letter that she enclosed with it. It was full of kind words. It really lifted my spirits and gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies. She is so great! I just love her.


I scrapped.... for me, even!

I did! I did! Finally for myself. It feels so good. Between assisting with the IdahoScrappers Charity Crop and making Christmas gifts, I haven't scrapped for myself since, hmmmmm, say maybe September? And that's iffy. And wanna know what else? The crazy thing is that the photos are from THIS Christmas! Now that just doesn't happen at my house. I can't even think of the number of Christmas layouts I still need to do so it rocks that I already have two layouts of this Christmas completed!

This first photo is a trimming the tree layout.

The title reads: Our Unusual Christmas. Why, you ask? The journaling reads:

Ordinary: Tree is up just after Thanksgiving
Unordinary: Tree not up until Dec 21st
Ordinary: No white Christmas
Unordinary: Snow on Christmas (eve)
Ordinary: Fake tree
Unordinary: Real Tree
Ordinary: Large Tree
Unordinary: Small, tabletop tree
Ordinary: Colored lights on the tree
Unordinary: White lights on the tree
Ordinary: Savannah strings the lights
Unordinary: Paxton strung the lights

This next layout I finished this evening. It's been on my kitchen table for at least a week.... but it's a special one to me. And get this.... ALL of the photos are of ME! That's something new. Don't know how much I like it but I gotta tell ya I felt a real burning *want* to do this layout:

The journaling to this layout reads:

Touched by an Angel
Lately I’ve been going through what one might call a wounded spirit. While I have not experienced any trauma lately, I’ve not been feeling valued, loved and appreciated; thus I’m impatient, depressed, exhausted and not really liking that these emotions are so powerful. I’m working through it but it’s tough - not only for me but anyone who lives with me. This Christmas Paxton was my angel. She was so thoughtful and generous. Just a few days before Christmas she had sold a collection of "Littlest Pet Shop" toys to a friend of ours. Apparently she saw that as an opportunity to show me ho loved I really am. It worked. Not only do I adore the Willow Tree Angel collection, but the three she picked out for me could not have been any better: Sign for Love "I love you", Friendship "Friendship is the sweetest gift, and With Love "You are Loved. Paxton ‘s sensitivity and generosity was the sweetest gift. This year, past years and always, Paxton will be my angel.

Handmade Christmas Gifts

I usually make at least half my Christmas gifts that I give to friends and family. This year wasn't much different. I thought I'd post these photos before I log my next post.

At the IdahoScrappers charity crop that is held every November, one of the classes offered was these cool magnetic boards. Basically decorated 12x12 sheets of metal and decorated magnets. I loved the idea of this project for gifts so I made a few. I made one more than shown but forgot to take a photo of it :(

For my sis Cheryl.

For my nephew Jan (looking at these from this perspective, the magnets look like Easter eggs! eeekk!)

This one is for my good friend Karen.

A frame for my friend Heather and her family.

A frame for my friend Sandi, and her husband.